Woburn Welcomes Endorses Nick Carter for Governor’s Council, Third District

The Governor’s Council may not be well-known, but it is a deeply important part of our judicial system, acting as the approving board for the Governor’s selections to state judge and state commissioner positions. At a moment when judicial strength, integrity, and independence have never been more important, we must ensure that our Governor’s Councillors meet the highest standards. We need people committed to reform, transparency, and professionalism who are committed to making sure our judges are committed to fairness, equity, and justice. But we must also work to confirm judges that uphold our shared values: a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, a recognition of modern demands of criminal justice reform, and a sensitivity to the impact of national issues on statewide jurisprudence. Our members have voted to endorse Nick Carter in order to uphold these qualities on the Governor’s Council.

Here are some of the things our members said about Mr. Carter:

“I really appreciate his vision for the ways the Governor’s Council can contribute to positive social change, especially through promoting inclusiveness in the judicial system.”

“Nick Carter will bring a fresh perspective to the Governor’s Council… [he will] maintain judicial independence in the face of increasing attacks on the courts.”

“[Nick Carter was able to] highlight just what he could bring to the job with a change of current leadership. He is progressive and won me over with his connection to and experience with the immigrant population…”

The primary election will be held on Tuesday, September 4th. Please remember to support Nick Carter for Governor’s Council when you go vote!

Governor’s Council Third District – Questionnaire Answers

Massachusetts_Councillor_Districts_2012As we approach the September 4th Primary Day, Woburn Welcomes has reached out to the two candidates for Governor’s Council in the Third District.

The Governor’s Council is a little known but influential part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ judicial system. In order for a judge to be confirmed to the bench in Massachusetts, the Council must approve of the Governor’s nominee. It also approves nominees for a number of other important public positions, and serves to confirm pardons and commutations.

The Third District encompasses five Senate districts, including the 4th and Woburn.

Woburn Welcomes sent a questionnaire to each candidate, and they’ve both responded. Here are their responses. We are meeting with both candidates, and will decide whether to endorse in this race over the remainder of the week.

Questionnaire Answers:

Our Endorsed Candidates

Throughout the country and throughout the state, people are waking up to the reality that we must change the status quo. In Massachusetts, we can no longer accept “good enough” from our legislators. We need bold new voices who are not afraid to stand up for our shared values, both in the State House and in our communities.

That’s why we at Woburn Welcomes are endorsing two candidates in Woburn’s two State Representative races: Mary Ann Stewart in the 15th Middlesex and Darryn Remillard in the 30th Middlesex.  Our members agreed that Ms. Stewart and Mr. Remillard are the candidates who would most effectively pursue a progressive agenda.

Mary Ann Stewart – 15th Middlesex Darryn Remillard – 30th Middlesex
Mary Ann Stewart knows that the best policy is crafted both inside and outside the halls of power, when legislators, activists, and people come together to face common needs, and she has the experience and the mindset to unite those groups around bold, progressive ideas. She has lived many of the issues that most deeply affect her constituents, from the struggle to find affordable housing to the uncertainty of health coverage to the pain of the opioid crisis. That perspective, coupled with a lifelong history of activism and advocacy on education, economic justice, immigration, and the environment, make her uniquely capable of bringing policy to the people. We are proud to endorse her to continue Jay Kaufman’s legacy as a progressive voice for change in this district. Darryn Remillard will be an independent voice for progress on Beacon Hill. Though he has never held office, his grasp of policy is impressive, as is his willingness to think big on proposals that would bring much needed change to our transportation systems, housing programs, and democratic institutions. In a changing community, Darryn has done the hard work to reach out to constituents who are often overlooked in local politics – immigrants, young families, people struggling to make ends meet amidst skyrocketing costs of living. As someone who grew up in poverty, Darryn has the empathy necessary to seriously understand and address the issues that affect the people of our district. We are excited to endorse his candidacy in pursuit of a more just, open Massachusetts.
What our members said about Mary Ann:

“…she is a great choice for this seat. I don’t think she will settle for the status quo either in terms of policy or how the State House functions… she makes herself present and available to the community.”

“She is a lifelong activist who has spent her career focused on education, on economic justice, and on protecting vulnerable populations… She believes in what we believe in, and she knows how to fight for her beliefs as well.”

“Mary Ann represents what Woburn Welcomes stands for, and she has the confidence and the will to carry the issues we care about forward at the State House.”

What our members said about Darryn:

“Beyond just understanding the issues, Darryn has thought through each of them and is able to offer a progressive policy to address each of them. He wants the best for our city and state and wants to make sure that everyone has a voice.”

“…he sees the danger in falling into the complacency that being in Massachusetts can bring… Darryn is the only candidate in this race willing to say that he would stand up to the Governor, the Speaker, and House leadership.”

“Exceptional person, excellent leadership qualities, and what my district needs.”

Learn more about Mary Ann:

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Mary Ann’s Woburn Welcomes Questionnaire

Learn more about Darryn:

Darryn’s website

Darryn’s Campaign Facebook page

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Darryn’s Woburn Welcomes Questionnaire

Six of the candidates – three in each race – sought our endorsement; we were impressed by each of their commitment to public service and their sincere desire to improve the lives of people in their district and in the Commonwealth. We thank them all for their time and their dialogue.